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Property Taxes in El Paso County

Published by Research Editor on March 29th, 2013 - in El Paso


El Paso County is one of the most transparent counties I’ve seen so far, regarding property tax loans. They have lots of information clearly stated and easily accessible. Information like:

Overall, I am quite impressed with El Paso County’s service to its citizens by making information clear, accessible, and transparent.


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How a tax lien transfer works

Published by Research Editor on March 22nd, 2013 - in Loans, Taxes, The Basics

Every year, a tax lien is placed on your property by the government. When you get a property tax loan, you transfer your tax lien to your lending company. Here’s how it works:



This graphic comes to you courtesy of Protect My Texas Property, an alliance working hard so you can keep your right to get a property tax loan if you choose.

Texas Needs You.

Published by Research Editor on March 19th, 2013 - in Loans

Texas needs you.

As a property owner, you know first-hand that home and business owners sometimes need a little extra help or a little extra time to pay their property taxes. When that happens, Tax Lien Transfers are a flexible, affordable option.

But all of that may change, unless you help right now.

Powerful collection law firms and certain banks are trying to pass legislation in Texas that would kill the Tax Lien Transfer business and take away this affordable option for you.

This is bad news for the 15,000 Texans helped by Tax Lien Transfers each year. And it’s bad news for our communities, which rely on property tax payments to provide essential services such as schools, hospitals and first responders.

Join our coalition to help Texans fight for property rights!

A group of concerned business owners, property owners and Tax Lien Transfer employees across the state have joined together to protect our rights and our property – and we need your support.

Visit and sign up for the coalition. It takes just 30 seconds. We’ll list you as a member on the website and notify you of ways you can engage with your elected officials, if you want. The only way to fight these powerful special interests is to ban together to stop them from destroying an industry that helps people stay in their homes, keep their land and stay in business.

Thank you for helping.


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Second installment due on March 31 for Disabled or Senior Citizens

Published by Research Editor on March 16th, 2013 - in Taxes

Are you paying your property taxes in installments? Your second payment is due next week! Hurry and send in 1/4 of your property tax bill for 2012.

Remember, you can always pay extra. If you get behind, though, you will earn interest and a 6% penalty on the unpaid amount.

If you are having difficulty paying your installments, consider a property tax loan among your options.

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